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Artist-in-Residency Program is dedicated to visual artists. Every quarter, chosen artists will be welcomed to showcase their work across the entire facility. The residency commences with The Don Arts Academy hosting an artist talk and opening reception. During the exhibition, artwork will be available for purchase. 

As a unique collaboration, the artist-in-residence will contribute one artwork or design to The Don Arts, enabling the creation of original merchandise items. These exclusive items will be available for sale both at The Don Arts Academy and through its online store, fostering a broader reach for the artist’s work.

Our first artist-in-residence, the brilliant and thoughtful Malcolm Emilio.

For the past 15 years, Malcolm-Emilio has consistently created work that inspires new ideas on how to communicate and navigate in diverse cultural landscapes.

With references from personal travel studies to 25+ countries he’s created a language that can speak to the world, using Colour, Sound, & Design to curate global interactive installations.

The intention of the work is to provide a sensory activation of the mind, body & soul that regenerates genetic memory and restores the vitality of humanity.

Incorporating plant-based perspectives, and holistic wellness practices into each activation, making his work a collective healing experience.


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