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EVENT RECAP: Apolitically Correct


Photos by Danesi

Saturday June 22nd, 2024.

Dauood Naimyar’s Toronto stop to the “Apolitcally Incorrect” tour was a GREAT and HILARIOUS time.

Hosted by the legend @bignormalconcel with direct support from the brilliant @bitabitabita and surprise guest sets from two of the GTA’s brightest lights in @rapsandlaughs and @thatgirlrasha, the evening had something for every type of fan. Dauood was INCREDIBLE and brought the house down with his mix of awesome joke writing, storytelling, and phenomenal crowd work. Truly a great night!

Fans of the craft of comedy, stay on the lookout for an impending “setting the stage” episode with Dauood and Big Norm as they talk shop and drop gems!


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